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Student’s Experience in Inter-State Living: an unique program of ABVP

SEIL stand for the ” Student’s Experience in Inter-State Living “, An ABVP Initiative, from last 60 year which aims to Integrate the loss world of North East India. It is a cultural exchange tour and short stay in host families gives the “feel” that even in diversity, we are one in soul and heart. It includes site seeing, citizen’s reception program, historical place visit, cultural programs, interaction with notable personalities of visiting place etc. Under this program batches of students from one state, particularly from north eastern states, are invited by their counterparts in other states. The batches spend a few days in the host state. They observe various activities and programs. They visit places of historical and tourist interests. They discuss with various local and state level educational authorities. Above all, they enjoy the experience of living with local families. As an obvious out-come of this program, feeling of unity and national integrity. Sharing experiences and views related to the issues of the youth in our country is an additional but unforgettable bonus.

In 1986 first group of boys and girls from North-East visited other state and later on 1987, 1989, 1991, 1994, 1997 and 2000 the cultural exchange tour conducted from both sides.

As we all know, North East India not only demographically But also its others aspect totally different from rest of the India. Many problem are spreading there legs in this area like increasing Naxalism, Religions conversion etc. All these are due to lack of development and Education.

In Our Efforts we try our best stop the Youth falling into naxalists and Violent world. The efforts may be seen very small but it has a long effect, “If we able to stop a single youth to become a naxalist, We will save all those lives which will be victims of guns, if he pick up the gun ”

The SEIL slogan ‘Alag bhasha alag vesh phir bhi apna ek desh’ (Language and dress may be different, but our nation is one) seems to have made a deep impression on the participants. In 1987, the Khasi Students Union went about terrorising and driving out the non-janajati Hindus from Meghalaya. Two Khasi girls, who had previously participated in the SEIL programme, stood up and faced the student mob in defence of a non-janajati doctor serving in a Seng Khasi hospital. The same spirit was witnessed in all its youthful exuberance when students of other parts went to the North-Eastern States in 1987. The local janajati boys and girls in Haflong, Shillong, Itanagar and other places welcomed them at railway stations and bus-stands with ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’. Hearing the spirited chants by the janajati student mass, Hipshon Roy exclaimed: “I had never thought that I would hear the slogan Bharat Mata ki jai in Khasiland.”

This time SEIL is coming at 20 December, We have planned a well to welcome them. Various cultural, and student interaction program , Specific with those north East Indian Living in Mumbai . We take them to Mumbai college Campus for visit, Will show them the great heritage of Mumbai.

There is a specific interaction with all those North East Student currently living in Mumbai, So we want favor from all our supporters to let them come on a single platform, and we know ,how Many you are ready for helping Nation.

All of you are requested to join the hands with ABVP to In our Motto for National Integration.


About ABVP Paschimbanga

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad or ABVP was started soon after independence with the objective of channelizing student's energies in the task of national reconstruction by a group of students and teachers. Paschimbanga (West Bengal), Sikkim and Andaman along as a province and proud to be part of it.


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